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A Mayfly dances up and down over a river watched by a kingfisher poised above on a branch.

There, before him, was a red rose blooming in the snow! Jack Frost.

Tommelise,smelling the wild flowers "Tales for a Winter's Night."

She tied one end of her sash around the butterfly’s waist. Tommelise.

Four long years she travelled, gathering starwort "Tales for a Winter’s Night."

The Sleeping Beauty. Illustration.

Meisi. From Heno Heno

Crafts People Frieze



Dungeons of BA. Computer game cover

Morwyn Llyn y Fan (Lady of the Lake). From Heno Heno

Mighty Magus. Computer game cover.

…he came to the great sea serpent himself. The Water-Babies.

…you may see him any clear night in July."The Water-Babies."

The five hermits fell asleep.

The Water-Babies

Elfin Family Christmas

catalogue cover for the Edge.

Through the Fire

The Elves and the Shoemaker

Fairies in the Garden

How the King learned to eat Porridge

Jug of Roses

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