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A Mayfly dances up and down over a river watched by a kingfisher poised above on a branch.

And he danced up and down for three days and three nights.  "Water Babies''.

Christmas Eve greetings. Illustration

Illustration for "Sinbad"

Nine birds fighting over a cloak. "Tales for a Winter’s Night."

Honey Bee. Illustration for the book of the same name.

A Cosy Armchair. Illustration.

Moonlit Wood. Illustration

Springtime Fairy. Illustration.

Putting up Fairy Lights. Illustration.

Wizard Spellcasting greetings card.

…for she was the queen of them all… "The Water-Babies."

The nursery door. Illustration for Honey Bee.

Castle of Jasoom video game cover. Quicksilva

Wizard and Butterflies greetings card.

Wizard and Talisman greetings card.

Summer Evening. Illustration.

The Nixie rose up before him, The Nixie, Tales for a Winter’s Night

Fantasy games ad for The Edge.

‘Come out’ said the wicked old otter. From The Water-Babies.

Velnor's Lair video game cover. Quicksilva

Winter Wonderland. Illustration.

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